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Siamese Cat Photo

Lalola Tou and Lalola Muon lovely big boys now

Siamese Cat Photo

Ch Lalola Dilly Dumpling

Owned by Sue Allen

Siamese Cat Photo
This is Star (GR CH Lalola Starlight) her mum is Angel and her Dad is IMP GR CH Musafry Cadir.
Star lives with Rachael Flint in Chersty,Surrey. with her brother Boots who thinks he is super as he has been a film star (in a Harry Potter film!)
Star has one UK Grand and was top seal tabby adult for the Birman Cat Club 2008.
Star has had two litters of kittens but has decided thats enough.
Siamese Cat Photo

This is Boots (PR Lalola BlueSuede Shoes) Boots is still waiting for his third Grand certificate but is not too keen on cat shows.
Boots has stared in a Harry Potter film!
Boots also lives with Rachael, who spoils him no end.

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This is Rossie ribbons (Roselani Rosie Ribbons)
Her Dad is Imperial Grand Champion Caramleigh Springtime Beau and her Mum is Star.
Star is the much wanted Seal tortie Tabby point and is adored by all who have met her.
Star's mummy has taken her out to her first show and got a CC - just two more to make her a champion!

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This is Mr.Darcy (Grand Champion Lalola Mister Darcy).
He lives with Sue and Paul Allen of Tisanti Cats in Wales and I has sired many super litters of kittens.

Siamese Cat Photo

Here is Caoimhe, pronounced kee-va (Schwechinthe Darcia)
One of Mister Darcy's first litter and living with Jeni Nutley of Siolu Birmans in Salisbury.

Siamese Cat Photo
As a Baby

Siamese Cat Photo
At Eight Months Old!

This is Beau (Lalola Lord Ofthedance) his Mum is Angel and his Dad is CH Adcindlo Seymour Scoop owned by Jill Watkins
Beau now lives with Jeni Nutley in Salisbury where he is really spoiled, he has
a custom made house built - click here to see.
He is a big boy now so lives outside with his mate Woody.

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